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Community Garden


The Benning Market was developed by 3451 Benning LLC, by the Neighborhood Development Company LLC it’s managing member.


The Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) is focused on providing solutions for community needs through their development activities. NDC prides itself on building strong relationships with communities, investors, and partners.


Benning Market was created in direct response to the food dessert that is that area. The goals are to provide more healthy food options and entrepreneurial opportunities to the community and residents. The market design is inspired by other similar urban market concepts such as Eastern Market. 


NDC has a record of thoughtful urban revitalization, with over one million square feet of developed real estate and over a million square feet in the pipeline. NDC is not only a District Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) it is also a minority-owned and resident business.

Benning Market Project Goals

Provide a safe, intergenerational, and affirming space for thousands of residents and visitors to shop and connect.

Stimulate the local economy by providing a customer base for emerging brands, seeding small businesses and local entrepreneurs, and employing local residents.

Shift the culture and attitude of an underserved neighborhood to one of abundance, vitality and total wellness.


We designed Benning Market for residents, tenants, entrepreneurs, and community members to work, shop, and connect.

Community Garden
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